Scientific Name – Chlorocardium rodiei

Description and Common Uses: Usability fits in boatbuilding, docks, decking, posts, fishing rods, pool cues, and other turned wood items. Greenheart is perhaps the stiffest wood in the world, with an average modulus of elasticity of an astounding 3,716,000 lbf/in2! However, the wood also has a fairly high movement in service, and should not be used in situations where stability is critical. Greenheart logs are reported to occasionally violently split apart upon sawing—sending pieces of the wood flying. As a result of this unusual characteristic, sawyers wrap chain around the sections of the log that have already been sawn.

  • Density at 12% (kg / m3): 970 kg
  • Compressive strength: 98 MPa
  • Bending strength: 217 MPa
  • Elastic modulus: 3040 MPa
  • Radial Cure: 8.2%
  • Tangential Cure: 7.5%
  • Volume Cure: 0.36%
  • TS / RS ratio: 1.1
  • Hardness of the Janka scale: 2350
  • Fat Saturation Point: 40%
  • Tree height: 23 – 30 m
  • Strain diameter: 0.80 – 1 m